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The Cadiz City Economic Center Project

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The Cadiz Economic Center (CEC) is the latest feather in the cap of Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. (DPRC). A mixed-use commercial development in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, CEC is set to become the financial hub in the northern area of the province.


CEC is situated in a 36-hectare property, that is just right along the Tinampa-an River. The river opens towards the Visayan Sea, which makes the property a prime location for the development of a port, which will usher in grand investments into the city. It will also bolster the fishing industry in Cadiz, and will help strengthen the economic growth that is already very much evident in the city.

The primary goal of CEC is to create sustainable development and maximize the use of space. It will be home to several companies in the Philippines that will pave the way for job-generation, ultimately improving the lives, not only of Cadiznons, but of those living in neighboring towns and cities as well. Just like in any region, growth in one area creates a domino effect in other areas, benefiting the entire province as a whole.

For Investors

There are different areas in CEC. There are areas for a mall, high-end commercial establishments, commercial tourism areas, residential condos, institutional areas where government offices will be located, commercial areas for tiannges and the like, light industries, public parking, slaughter house, and a transport terminal.

Interesting Facets

The development of CEC on the overall is one big masterpiece. It will be following the highest construction standards, which does not only appeal to engineers and architects, but also to the ordinary guy and gal who knows how to appreciate real beauty. The walkways, bridges, amphitheater, rotunda, fountain areas, plantboxes, and paved roads near the port will be built with beauty and quality in mind. This will certainly make CEC a good commercial area, and a great place for fun and leisure.

Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. has been in the construction business for more than a decade, and within that period, they have proven their craft and skills in the construction industry.

If you would like to know more about Cadiz Economic Center, you may visit their website at http://www.cadizecocenter.com. You will find a host of information with there and you may also find the CEC development plan, which could help you visualize what CEC will be like in 10 years’ time.

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