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An Important Pre-Wedding Checklist for Couples

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If you are planning to get married, then you have to consider several things that you must at least have in your checklist. These are things that you may like to accomplish prior to your grand wedding day.

Take a look at the pre-wedding checklist below:


This may be the most important thing that you should consider whenever you are planning to get married. Do you have the financial capacity to take on married life? Are you ready to spend on things that are pertinent to marriage, and start sacrificing the things that you used to spend on? Well, if you answered yes to these two questions, then you might just be ready to get married. Remember that marriage, as the old Philippine saying goes, is not rice that you can just spit out whenever you felt that it already tasted bad. So be sure to weigh your finances accordingly, you don’t want to be caught in the middle of the church changing your mind, right?

House and Lot

Married couples should have a house of their own. Can you just imagine yourself asking your mom and dad to take you in, along with a baby in tow, simply because you don’t have a house and lot Bacolod of your own? Now that will be a disaster. Aside from the wary looks that your parents may give you, you may have to prepare your ears to a litany that may last not only for days, but for years. So before getting into the marriage level, make sure that the moment you get to decide of getting your marriage license, be sure that you will have your own abode to go to right after the marriage ceremony. This is why if you can afford it, better look for house and lots for sale Bacolod at this early point in time.


Don’t forget the thing that makes the world go round. Ask yourself, do you really love your future spouse? Many couples get married and find themselves living in different homes after five years, some even after only a year. Now that is something crazy. So better make sure that you love your future spouse and that you would be sticking it out together through thick and thin. After all, isn’t it the marriage vows that you will be uttering at the altar?

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