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Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. Expresses Sympathy to Yolanda Victims

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Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation, one of the leading real estate developers in the country, is expressing its heartfelt sympathies to the victims of Yolanda, the super typhoon that ravaged the country, particularly the Visayas area. The typhoon has left many families without homes, taking away so many lives, and leaving families grieving over loved ones. The company has already set aside some relief assistance for the victims, which will be properly sent to the authorities or to distribution centers.

Dynamic Properties, considering that one of its primary projects lie in Cadiz City, had first-hand knowledge on how the typhoon came and effected destruction on those that are in its path.

The winds were howling like mad, telling people to seek shelter lest they get carried by the wind. The trees were bent, and though resilient, they were not able to withstand the wind speeds that reach up to more than three hundred kilometers per hour.

The typhoon was set to strike Negros Occidental directly but it shifted trajectory at the last minute. Had it not done so, a greater degree of devastation could have been suffered by Negros Occidental.

At the moment, relief operations are ongoing. The company has allocated more than P100,000.00 to be used to purchase the basic needs for the victims, which would include sacks of rice, canned goods and other basic necessities. The president, along with the managerial and rank-and-file personnel, are all doing their best to bring relief to the victims.

We can just hope and pray that they would be able to reach the hardest hit areas very soon. Both the local government, the national government, and foreign government who have gone out of their way to help are now working together to provide aid to the victims the soonest.

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