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How Residents of Oasis Subdivision Managed through the Storm

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The typhoon Yolanda, while not hitting Negros Occidental directly, was still able to cause some damage to some of the towns and cities in the province, especially those that are located in Northern Negros. Bacolod City has likewise felt its power as it blew wind and poured rain in the city for hours.Oasis Subdivision, one of the communities located in the Eastern portion of the city felt its strength, yet the preparedness of the residents spared them from suffering its full power.

The residents were always listening to news updates, and at the same time, the staff at the Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation Office were also monitoring the activities of the typhoon in order for them to provide ample warnings to residents in the subdivision if worse comes to worst. The company has likewise provided competent staff to stay in the subdivision while the storm was threatening to ravage the city.

Some of the residents prior to the storm warnings already bought supplies such as candles, canned goods and many more. This was in preparation to the expected power outage that will ensue during and right after the storm.

Indeed, power outage occurred. But the preparedness of the residents of the subdivision saw them through. The assistance provided by DPRC personnel was also invaluable at the height of the typhoon.

Fortunately, the houses at the subdivision were able to withstand the strength of Yolanda. Homes were intact, roofs were in place and all the other parts of the houses remained strong. The typhoon was able to prove the quality construction carried out by Dynamic Properties. Had the primary structure of the houses were inadequately constructed, homes could have sustained some damage.

The company will continue to check the welfare of the residents in the subdivision and make sure that they will be safe whatever calamity that comes our way.

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Oasis Bacolod

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