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Measures to Be Taken by DPRC After the Typhoon

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Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. has now come up with a solid plan that will guide them in future construction projects later on. They have ascertained that calamities come and go without warning, and they must ensure that every structure they built will be able to withstand the hardest calamities.

Being proactive, the company has taken the following measures:

Convening Engineers

The company will be convening its engineers and thresh out the possible problems and solutions in the construction process. They would have to make sure that they take all the possible scenarios in succeeding projects so that the structures they build are fortified and strengthened to withstand nature’s fury.


The company has likewise considered all possibilities, that succeeding construction work would integrate a disaster preparedness program, and make sure that every road and walkway caters to the highest safety standards. The routes within a particular community must be well-planned so that both egress and ingress will be easy whenever the need arises.


The company would be incorporating a disaster training program for selected ground personnel so that in the event of a calamity such as typhoon Yolanda, there would be people who would be prepared to help out, especially those communities and project areas under the company.


The company has recognized the need for first aid stations in project areas. This will be one of the measures that could help people on the ground, and comes a time that disaster strikes, the company will be able to provide ample help.

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