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What Oasis Subdivision Offers to Families

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If you are trying to find a subdivision that could mesmerize not only your eyes, but also your heart, then you should take time to visit Oasis Subdivision. This is by far one of the finest communities in Bacolod City. It has earned a reputation of bringing families closer to nature and at the same time provides them with the means to enjoy the luxury and convenience of the city.


Oasis Subdivision offers every family the best and most affordable homes. The structure and the overall façade of each house were carefully laid out and planned in order to accommodate the needs of families.

There are homes in Oasis that cater to small families and large families. For those families who are still starting out, and who only have 3 members, then you can settle for homes that have one or two bedrooms. Oasis offers several house models that could accommodate small-sized families. You have the Elena and Teresa. These are well-designed homes that could very well provide you with a comfortable living space if you are still starting out.

For those medium-sized families where two-bedrooms are ideal, then Carolina house model will be a good choice. This is a bungalow style home with two bedrooms. The kitchen countertops come with a granite finish and the space is just right to hold several kitchen appliances.  The living room is spacious enough for a sofa and some home entertainment system.

If you are the type of person who prefers two-story homes, then Oasis has three models made just for you. Your options include Martha, Rebecca and Olivia. Martha has the least area while Olivia has the greatest floor area. In terms of cost, it simply follows that Olivia is pegged at a higher price, although you get to have a balcony and a very nice view of the subdivision.

Aside from the lovely homes, what makes Oasis really better compared to the rest is the breeze, the wide roads and the amenities. The subdivision was conceptualized catering to the primordial needs of families in the Philippines, which is why Oasis Subdivision in Bacolod City will remain as one of the best places where you and your family can live.

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Oasis Bacolod

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