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Oasis Bacolod Lots for Sale – What to Expect in 2014

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The real estate market in the City of Smiles has been truly extraordinary over the past couple of months. Oasis Bacolod lots for sale have taken most real estate watchers by surprise and rewarded development companies like the Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation with higher house and lot sales despite the havoc brought about by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in November of last year. Equally rewarded were new homeowners who beamed as they took their own copies of lot titles which proudly declared them as new owners of properties in Oasis Subdivision.


The new homeowners are in for a pleasant surprise. According to market research, due to the prevailing optimistic outlook of the economic climate in Bacolod City, the lots they purchased could increase in value during the third quarter of 2014. That means beginning in June, which means this month, they could expect the value of their properties to further appreciate, proving that they made the right move when they decided to invest in one of the available lots for sale at Oasis Subdivision in Mansilingan, Bacolod City.

During the second quarter of this year, the real estate market was observed to be stronger compared to the early months of 2014. The upward trend seems to be buoyed by the increased optimism of consumers who read news about new major investments finally coming to Bacolod City. Needless to say, these major investments were led by the Ayala Group, who plan to construct a new Ayala Center Mall in the city, along with other developments that include high-rise residential and office buildings. Another investment group has also expressed their intention to construct a mixed-use residential and commercial area, with great possibility of including industrial and manufacturing sectors in their master plan, to be established in the Sum-ag and Pahanocoy areas. Reports indicate that the investment group is looking at pouring some 2 billion pesos into the said project.

Another great economic news that could very well increase the optimism of real estate movers and shakers is the imminent opening of the Negros First Cybercentre in July and the arrival of Ubiquity Global Services, a Business Process Outsourcing company, that has leased a huge portion of the Cybercentre and is looking to hire some 500 agents at the outset, and is seen to increase this by another 500 in 2015, bringing to 1,000 personnel under its employ. Obviously, this will have a hugely positive effect on the local economy, which will definitely trickle down to various market sectors, including the real estate market.

Such good economic indicators can provide the much needed adrenalin, particularly in the real estate arena, which ultimately could result in property value appreciation. Guess who will benefit from it all? While it is true that Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation may experience an increase in income due to renewed interest in the houses and lots for sale in Oasis Subdivision Bacolod, the main beneficiaries of all these good economic happenings are really the owners of the lot who may have purchased them earlier at a much lower price. Now, if you have extra savings stashed somewhere, or is looking to invest your money where it could surely grow, it might be a good time to look closely at investing in houses and lots that are for sale in Oasis Subdivision in Brgy Mansilingan, Bacolod City. This could be your chance to put your money in a truly worthwhile investment. Contact Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation now and make that wise move!

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