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Bacolod City Houses and Lots for Sale - A Haven for the Middle Class

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Did you know that Bacolod City landed in the first place of the top 20 most livable cities in the Philippines? This perhaps explains the reason why there is a sudden increase in the influx of families from other regions to come and settle down in the City of Smiles. Subdivisions in Bacolod City, such as Oasis Subdivision in Mansilingan, have been reporting a sharp increase in their sales, with most of the buyers coming from other provinces. This proves that Bacolod City Houses and Lots for sale are indeed becoming a haven especially for the middle class.

So what makes Bacolod City very popular among homesteaders nowadays?

For starters, being at the top spot among the 122 cities of the Philippines really made a huge difference. The rules and requirements that need to be hurdled by each city in order to gain a spot in the top 20 most livable cities in the Philippines are by no means easy. They have to pass a couple of metrics utilized to determine the livability of each place. One of these metrics is the worldwide-accepted European Intelligence Unit procedure. Among the categories considered in the computation for cities having the best living conditions are the following:

  • Culture and Environment – 25%
  • Stability – 25%
  • Infrastructure – 20%
  • Healthcare – 20%
  • Education – 10%

Each of the five categories mentioned above consisted of a great number of indicators to make the output data more concrete. Aside from the indexes provided for by the EIU, a number of other metrics were also considered. These indicators include density of population, accessibility to quality public health care, as well as the availability of private and public hospitals, fiscal performance of the city, general condition of the environment, tourist destinations, culture and commerce, availability of sports and development programs, and availability of public and private educational institutions.

Significant variables were provided by external data sources and were based on reports made public by various government agencies such as the PhilVocs, Pag-Asa, DENR, DPWH, NSO, PSCB, DepEd, PRC and COA.  After undergoing an in-depth investigation and examination of the data provided by these agencies, and upon the culmination of polls and interviews conducted to cross-verify the genuineness of each and every data, Bacolod City beat each of the 122 cities vying for the top post by landing in the number 1 position.

As you will definitely see, the primary indicators set by the European Intelligence Unit are usually the principal concerns of a homesteader when looking for a place to live.

Obviously, culture and environment comes first as you would not want to be a pariah among your neighbors, would you?

People from Cebu, where the main language is Bisaya, or Lanao del Norte, where Maranao is the main dialect, often would try to check if there are also Bisaya-speaking or Maranao-speaking residents in an area they want to settle down in. If there are only a few, they tend to check whether inhabitants of such city would completely speak and understand Tagalog, which has long been regarded as the national language. Next in line is the culture. Does the place share some similarity when it comes to culture and heritage? This is one of the customary considerations of would-be-homesteaders as most would rather stay away from a place that has a closed or hugely different culture from what the migrants have been used to. Luckily, Bacolod City has maintained a very open outlook when it comes to other cultures, allowing the migrants to easily settle down in the City of Smiles. Such ability turned Bacolod City into a melting pot of sorts where peoples of different cultures coexist peacefully and happily.

The general environment is also among the main considerations of homesteaders when deciding on the place to settle down in. This refers not only to the environment as in the quality of air or water, but also pertains to the safety and security of the place. Naturally, this includes the crime index of a place, which Bacolod City is proud to be among the lowest in the country.

Stability is another factor usually considered by would-be-homesteaders. This refers not only to the economic stability of a place but also its political and cultural stability. If there is political instability in a particular place, every aspect, from economic to cultural, will definitely be affected, resulting in chaos, and at times, an increase in the incidence of crimes.

Infrastructures, such as offices and markets, as well as accessibility to these areas, along with quality roads, are also among the considerations of migrants. Healthcare is also another major consideration, along with education.

Based on the study conducted by the National Government, the City of Bacolod was able to pass all these indicators with high marks. Though the City may not have been perfect in all the metrics put forward by the National Government, it was able to garner the highest score in every aspect, therefore allowing it to land in the top spot.

If you are a migrant homesteader, given the high marks Bacolod City garnered in all of the primary metrics, it will come as no surprise if you seriously consider the City of Smiles to be the place to live in. Recent data from the census bureau did prove that migrants from other provinces were the majority buyers of Bacolod City houses and lots that are for sale. Even sales data from Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation, the developer of Oasis Subdivision in Barangay Mansilingan, shows the same. This only attests to the fact that Bacolod City has indeed achieved what was once considered as impossible, to become the first in the list of migrant homesteaders, particularly the middle class, who are looking for a place to settle down. After all, who would not want to live in a city that is full of smiles and truly exudes a peaceful, stable, warm and friendly atmosphere? I know you would.

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