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Oasis Subdivision – Where You Can Find A Great Bacolod House and Lot

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As the Bacolod City real estate markets continue their vibrant activity, buyers are also out in full force. A lot of today’s homebuyers make their decision about homes after visiting the property. This perhaps explain the reason why a lot of prospective homebuyers who, after a short tour of the Oasis Subdivision in Mansilingan, immediately go back to the offices of the Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation, the owner and developer of the project, to sign a contract of sale. For many of them, they have found the perfect Bacolod house and lot where they can safely and happily raise their families.

It cannot be denied that most of the prospective homebuyers always want to make sure that they are buying the best Bacolod house and lot for sale. Among the major considerations of homebuyers are location, ambiance, facilities and price.


This is a common need for all prospective homebuyers. They always want to make sure that their new house and lot in Bacolod City will not be too far away from their place of work, and in the same vein, should also be readily accessible to their children’s schools. It should also be only a few distance away from hospitals and clinics, as well as markets and malls, so that it will be easy for families to seek proper health care or buy food whenever the need arises. Government offices should not be too far away from the location as there is always the need to some of these places at some time in the future. However, its location should also be some distance away from the constant honking and roaring noise of a huge number of vehicles plying the busy streets of Bacolod City.


A warm and friendly atmosphere is another important consideration for homebuyers. This is why they always make it a point to visit the subdivision they are interested in to see for themselves the actual setup firsthand, and to get the feel with regards to its overall environment. Raising a family in an environment flowing with constructive vibes and good aura will definitely produce a positive outcome, resulting in a happier and harmonic living.


The location’s facilities are also among the top considerations of potential homebuyers. These include what is within the boundaries of the subdivision, as well as those you can see outside. Some of those usually being checked out by homebuyers are subdivision road conditions, accessibility, whether the place is surrounded by a perimeter wall, whether the guards are sufficient, whether there is a clubhouse where their families can relax and entertain themselves during weekends, and overall aesthetic appeal. With regards to the facilities beyond the walls of the subdivision, these include public transportation facilities, the proximity of the location to public authorities, road condition, and volume of vehicles going back and forth, as well as safety and security, and many more.


After all that is said and done, price is still one of the key considerations of prospective homebuyers. While a given Bacolod house and lot may be able to pass with flying colors all of the considerations previously mentioned, everything will be for nothing if the homebuyer cannot afford it. This means that along with everything else, the price of the property should fit the budget of the homebuyer.

If you are a homebuyer looking for a good Bacolod house and lot, then you might want to visit the offices of the Dynamic Properties and Realty Corporation, the owner and developer of Oasis subdivision,  in 6th Lacson St. They take great pride in the fact that they are able to satisfy all the previously major requirements of prospective homebuyers. They have the perfect location, a warm and welcoming ambiance, top of the line facilities, and most importantly, their broad range of packages have been designed to fit within the budget of working, middle and upper class, Filipinos.

So if you are in the market for a new Bacolod house and lot for sale, then Oasis Subdivision is the place to go. For sure, you will come face to face with the perfect property.

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Oasis Bacolod

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