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Some Points to Remember If You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value

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When you have actually come to a decision to simply sell your current home and move to a better location in Bacolod, such as in Oasis Subdivision, you might just find yourself thinking of a lot of things. You surely would like to benefit from the sale, but at this point in time, you might not have some idea on how to exponentially increase the value of your home. Well, you are in luck as you will find some worthwhile tips right here.


It cannot be denied that one of the things that gives due attraction to a home is the roof. So try to take a look at how your home is perceived from afar. In short, check the curb appeal of your home. If from your vantage point, you feel that your home is not that attractive due to an old and fade roof, then it’s time to do some roof repair or new installation prior to selling.

Consider checking out various roof suppliers in the city, and for sure, you will find one that could comply with your requirements at an affordable price. With a new and truly attractive roof, prospective home buyers will surely appreciate the overall look of your home even from afar.


Now that you have come to settle scores with your old and faded roof, it’s time to have a closer look at your interiors. And, before prospective buyers will check out the walls, one thing that they are truly likely to inspect is the flooring of your home.

If you have a tiled floor, try to take time and see if there are hollow tiles. If there are, then consider getting a contractor to do the replacements. There are buyers who are very meticulous about these details, and one hollowed tile from a thousand tiles might just spell the difference between consummating a sale, and losing a prospect.

If you have wooden floors, try to spend ten or fifteen minutes checking the floorboards. Are there creaking sounds? If there are, call for help immediately. A buyer will surely not want a home with those creaking floors.

The Windows

Just like with the roof, the windows of your home can also break or make the sale. So if upon close inspection, you see that your windows are most likely to turn noses, then better do something about it. Replace them at the earliest.

These three things can do wonders in increasing the value of your home. It may entail some initial investment from you at the outset but for sure, the moment you sell your home, you will realize that it was a worthy investment after all.

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