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Advantages of Buying from Established Real Estate Developers Like DPRC

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If you have the budget and you were asked to choose between buying from a seller of a pre-owned house, or from a real estate developer like Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp., which would you choose? Would you go for the former or the latter? Most of you might go for the latter, right? This is exactly the sentiment of a lot of homebuyers. They feel more secured whenever they would buy properties from a trusted developer like DPRC.

Below are some of the advantages of buying from DPRC:

You are assured that you are the first owner of the house that will be constructed by DPRC for you and that the house and lot, or only the lot (in case you would opt for this), has a clean title to it. This means that you will be secured at the thought that the property has not been mortgaged or has not been transferred from one owner to another. The only thing that you would need to think about is of course the monthly amortizations that you would be paying to the developer pursuant to the Contract to Sell. You can consider this as a worry-free type of acquisition of a real estate property.
You are guaranteed of quality workmanship. One thing that Dynamic Properties is well-known for is its ability to build homes following the highest engineering and architectural standards in the real estate market. More than simply building houses, DPRC ensures that every nook and cranny of your home exemplifies the term “quality.” The company makes sure that the house construction is supervised by a competent architect and engineer, so that errors are virtually eliminated and that the timeframe within which to complete house construction is met.
Dynamic Properties has an established office located at 6th Lacson St. This will assure you that you will always have a place to go to whenever you have any concerns with regards to the house construction. Think about this, if you would be purchasing a pre-owned home, and you have already paid half of the contract price, and you find out two or three days later that there are leaking faucets or that the electrical wiring is not foolproof, whom would you go after? You try calling the seller and all that you get is that prerecorded message of not being able to reach the dialed number. Sounds scary, right? But this is not actually farfetched. So better be careful when buying a property and better stick with the established developer like DPRC.

Now you see why it is best for you to buy a house and lot from a well-known real estate developer in Bacolod City. If you opt for this, you know that every cent you spent will be worth it.


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