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Time to Decorate Your Home for the Christmas Season

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Several days more to go and everyone would be celebrating the Christmas Season! One thing that the Philippines is known for is that it is one country whose citizens truly know how to enjoy and celebrate Christmas. So just like with many Filipinos, now is the time to decorate your home at Oasis Subdivision and prepare the whole family for the most awaited holiday of the year!


Make sure that you hang a Parol, which is the Light that guides us all. This symbolizes the guiding star that directed the wise men to the manger where Jesus was humbly born. Christmas can never be without this exquisite decor.

Christmas Tree

Probably one of the most prevalent Christmas décor in a home, the Christmas tree will always be prominent in the living room. There are various colors of Christmas trees available, and it will always be up to your preference what color you would prefer. The classic colors include green and white, although the most commonly used is the former. At present however, there are red and blue trees that are available. These are all commercially produced trees. In some countries like the U.S., they actually make use of real pine trees. They would even make sure that they will have the tallest and most beautiful tree in their homes!

Here in the Philippines, since pine trees aren’t that abundant, then we have to contend ourselves with plastic Christmas trees. The most important thing is that, the whole family is present and will be gathered around the tree on Christmas Day.

Balls of Different Colors and Sizes

Hardly can you find a Christmas tree without any balls. There are blue, green, red, gold, and silver balls. Some have simple designs, while there are those that have been intricately designed as well. On the other hand, those who have learned to make their own decors can always buy raw materials and make their own Christmas balls. You can actually look up the methods on Google. For sure, you will find easy-to-learn processes that you can readily do and implement at home.


This is among the finest decors that you can include in your home. Mistletoes can be decorated with an abundance of colors and you can actually express your creativity with this décor. You can put them on window frames, door posts, and in other areas of your home. With the proper lighting, mistletoes surely create a beauty all of its own.

Christmas Lights

This must not be forgotten during the Christmas season. There are now so many lights available and you can always choose the color that you prefer. LED lights have become very popular lately due to their energy saving capacity. Hence, you can certainly opt for these lights to brighten your home’s interior and exterior.

With Christmas fast approaching, it will be good to decorate your home at Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City starting right now.

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