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A Beautiful House and Lot in Bacolod City at a Reasonable Price

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Everyone is looking for the finest home or house and lot in Bacolod City, which they can get for the most reasonable price. Basically all types of homebuyer, whether you he is a bachelor, one who belongs to the middle-class, or one who owns a vast business empire, he would always be on the lookout for good buys, even in real estate. So if you are a prospective homebuyer, then it is quite normal that you will be looking for a real estate developer who can give you a very good home at the most reasonable price.

Meet Dynamic Properties

Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. (DPRC) is the leading real estate developer in Bacolod City, with its prime project, Oasis Subdivision, located in Brgy. Mansilingan.

DPRC is aimed towards providing the residents of Bacolod with a quality home at a price that they will find reasonable. So reasonable is the homes in Oasis that many locals came to purchase house and lot packages within a matter of months from the date of launching of the actual project. It was not only the locals who were somehow enthralled with the offerings at Oasis, but those living in neighboring towns and cities were likewise drawn to the manner by which the subdivision was developed.

The model houses of Oasis clearly indicate quality workmanship. There are three bungalow model houses and three two-storey model houses. The bungalow houses are perfect for bachelors or for start-up couples. Those who have two or more kids would find the two-storey homes highly suitable.

Now with a great house and with a sufficient lot area, the prices offered by DPRC for those homes are certainly reasonable compared to the overall benefits. Hardly can you find a house and lot package in Bacolod which will be at par with the quality construction being offered by DPRC, with the same price. You may find other house and lots, but they usually are quite more expensive, therefore become more difficult to own compared to that of DPRC’s.

Now you may be able to understand further why a lot of house and lots in Oasis Subdivision sold like hotcakes at the time they were offered for sale by DPRC.

Great Designs

Some people used to think that reasonably priced homes often come with awful designs. However, this really isn’t so. The Bacolod house and lot packages offered by DPRC, such as those in Oasis Subdivision, feature absolutely fantastic designs that you will definitely find noteworthy. Whether it is a bungalow or a two-storey home, you will find them quite lovely for you and your family.

So if you want to find a quality home or house and lot in Bacolod, but at a reasonable price, then the developer to seek would have to be Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. Come and visit their office at 6th Lacson St. now.

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Oasis Bacolod

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