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Oasis Subdivision – Simply A Good Place for Kids

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Have you started to wonder why many couples chose to live at Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City? Some of the homeowners say that they consider the subdivision as a really good place for kids. They firmly believe that this subdivision has everything you need in order to make children really happy as they grow older.

One of the primary concerns of many parents today, whenever they would have to choose a lifetime home for the entire family is security. Today, the times are not that secure anymore as compared to the times several decades ago. With many violence that are being done against children, concerned parents have to be assured that their children will live in a safe environment and that would entirely depend upon the choice that parents will make in terms of finding a good subdivision.

Oasis provides families a safe place to live. The community has two gates where all vehicles going to and leaving the subdivision would have to pass through. Unlike a lot of gated subdivisions in the City of Bacolod where the only thing that sets the subdivision apart from the rest of the world is one solid bar, which will not have the ability to prevent children from going out of the subdivision especially when the guards are distracted. On the other hand, Oasis provides 2 large gates that would require security guards to open them. One gate is devoted solely for entrance and the other gate is devoted for the exit. All persons who get in and out of Oasis are monitored heavily, which makes the area a truly safe environment for children.

Other than being a safe place for kids, Bacolod City Oasis Subdivision also offers leisure areas for all children. A nice basketball court can be found right beside the clubhouse. There is also a swimming pool where a person can enjoy weekends with his family, even during weekdays. The basketball court is a standard sized court, which is very ideal for games.  This can give the athletic skills of young children a big boost. For those who like to go swimming, they can surely make use of the swimming pool. The pool is well-maintained by the staff of the clubhouse. Kids can also make use of their scooters and bicycles all around the subdivision. They can go skateboarding too. Some even find roller-skating fun in Oasis. Parents need not worry about the safety of their children for as long as they are within the confines of the subdivision.

Another thing is that, a child who grows older, may at one point in time would require a place for parties. At Oasis, such is not a problem as the clubhouse is truly a great place for these events. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, any party will be a success. The clubhouse can accommodate so many guests so you don’t need to worry about getting lesser space. When the place is filled with decors, the clubhouse will be transformed into a really nice place that will make any kid truly proud and happy.

With all of the wonderful things that you can find in Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City, you will not be wondering anymore why many moms and dads prefer the said subdivision for their children. It is where truly comfortable living can be found.

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Oasis Bacolod

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