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I'm sure glad I chose Oasis! My family and I are very thankful for having decided to buy a house in Oasis. The kids are happy and are very much proud with their new address. My husband and I would often hear our friends say that we are truly lucky with the house we have bought. Everything that...

Cherry Infante

What Residents Say About Oasis

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Many homeowners have mentioned of their great admiration of their homes and don’t have any qualms about making it known to Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp., that they are truly happy with their homes in Oasis.
One homeowner even mentioned that he was among the very first owners of a house and lot in Oasis. He opted for the two-story home because of his growing family. Until now, he has been very pleased with the way his family are enjoying what Oasis offers. The homeowner and his wife often tell each other that they have truly made a very good decision. Each morning, they find it very relaxing to wake up and jog around the community. They surely don’t worry about anything considering that they are assured of their safety in the subdivision due to the presence of guards 24/7. The couple certainly stay fit and feel very much happy about it.

One more homeowner has actually stated that his family have been trying to find a home to buy in Bacolod City. They have visited many real estate properties and have been to many subdivisions. However, they were not able to agree on a specific place. Some areas they have visited will be okay for the guy, but not for the wife or vice versa. It was only when they visited Oasis that they were able to agree altogether. So they lived in Oasis and until now, they believe that they had made the correct decision.

One thing that a lot of homeowners like about Oasis is that the subdivision makes their kids happy. Children can ride bicycles and go around the subdivision without fear. They feel truly safe knowing that there are security guards in the area. During weekends, they play basketball with a lot of friends. They also ask friends to come over and visit them. One truly great benefit is that they could not simply leave the subdivision without going through the 2 gates where the guards are posted. So aside from the fact that children are happy, parents feel secured at the thought that their kids are truly safe.

For a lot more people, what strikes them most is the fresh air found in the subdivision. Many homeowners truly love nature and they feel great when they start opening their doors and windows every morning, simply feeling the wind blow on their faces.

So now it becomes really clear why Oasis Subdivision is one great place to live in. You don’t need to keep on wondering why this is so, rather, you just need to visit the place and check it out for yourself.

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Oasis Bacolod

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