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What to Purchase - House and Lot or Just a Lot in Bacolod?

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Every homeowner is always confronted with the dilemma whether to buy a house and lot or just a lot that is offered for sale in Bacolod City. Whether you buy a house and lot or simply a lot, you will find out that there are advantages for both. Each of these options offers homeowners a certain set of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a Lot

One of the main advantages that you will receive if you choose to purchase a lot for sale in Bacolod, is that your first cash outlay would not be so big. For example, if the lot that you want costs PhP 500,000.00 more or less, and the developer requires a 20% down payment, then you would only shell out around PhP 100,000.00. By giving this down payment, you now have the assurance that you have invested your money in a land that is located in a nice community, such as that in Oasis Subdivision, Brgy. Mansilingan.  

Aside from the low down payment, the monthly amortization for the land is not that big too. After several years, you would now be happy at being the official owner of that chosen lot. And, you can then begin to plan your home. You would have the control of selecting your own design or you may also get a good architect to design it for you.

Opting for a House and Lot

Opting for a Bacolod house and lot would need you to prepare a substantial down payment. The developer would be the one to build the house for you and what you need to do is to simply pay a fraction of the total cost. The remaining balance would simply be amortized for a specific number of years.

A lot of house and lots today are more than One Million Pesos. So if you will be paying a down payment of 20%, you would only need to come up with PhP 200,000.00. If you would opt for a bigger house, then you just have to prepare more.

Of course, after 6 months, you would have a house to live in. You no longer need to worry about other things because the developer will be the one who will take care of your home construction.

So basically, these are the things that differ between choosing a lot only, or a house and lot in Bacolod City. Whether you choose the former or the latter, your investment will be truly worth it.

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