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Select the Right Architect for Your Bacolod City House

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Have you already purchased that lot for sale in Oasis Subdivision Bacolod that you have been targeting? If you did, it is quite necessary that you also look for a great architect that will create the perfect home design for you. A plain lot will stay plain and lifeless unless a house is built on it. So if you plan to make your real estate property better, then building a house on it, designed by a good architect will be the ideal way to go. So, after having ascertained the importance of a good architect, only one question needs to be answered. How do you find a good architect?

One of the initial things that you should consider is the reputation of the architect. In the real estate world, a good reputation is a must. You must have heard of stories of homeowners who have dealt with not so good architects and have been duped by the latter. At other times, a good plan or design was not provided by the architect to the client. In some cases the design specifications were not exactly following accepted standards. This is the reason why it is imperative for you to ascertain that the architect that you will hire has a good reputation. Remember that you will be entrusting your home’s design to him, so better make sure.

What you can do is to check out the homes that the architect has already designed. You can actually ask the homeowner to make sure. You can actually ask the architect for referrals and if he is true to his claims, then he will not hesitate to give you the contact information of his previous clients.

If you know of individuals who have actually completed their homes, you can definitely seek them out and ask for a referral. This will be in relation to the architects they hired. By doing this, there is a huge possibility that you’ll receive a good and honest referral. Your relatives and friends will also give you a sincere statement or feedback regarding the architect who made the design of their homes, right?

After having ascertained these things, it is best to get down to the basic and probably one of the most important considerations – the budget. In the Philippines, the architect’s professional fee is usually pro-rated as against the cost of the project. Of course, nobody is stopping you to negotiate the fees of the architect. You can actually agree on a fix amount so that it would cost less. If the architect really wants to have it in percentage, you can just negotiate for a lower percentage.

When it comes to the budget, you have to take into consideration the overall cost. Take into account the materials, the labor cost and don’t forget the engineer. Of course, think also of the electrical, plumbing, and masonry. If you have a lot of woodwork, you might just need to put this in as well.

Once you have purchased that lot for sale in Bacolod, better make sure that a good architect assists you. Remember the tips here so that you’ll have the best.

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