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I'm sure glad I chose Oasis! My family and I are very thankful for having decided to buy a house in Oasis. The kids are happy and are very much proud with their new address. My husband and I would often hear our friends say that we are truly lucky with the house we have bought. Everything that...

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Do You Expect to Make Millions in Real Estate Investing?

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You can find various situations or perhaps true-to-life stories of people who buy properties, then remodel or redecorate them, and sell them off for a profit. There are a lot of individuals who gain profit for doing this, however, if you do a reality check, you don’t really know how much the sellers get out of the house, right? One obvious thing in the Philippine setting is this, there are many people who got rich because they engaged in the real estate business. That's why real estate investment is so popular. But what are some essential things you should know before jumping into real estate? Be familiar with the ins and outs of market timing This means that you need to not only research how market cycles work, but that you need to sit back and watch them for yourself. The fact is that markets go up and markets go down. A lot of successful investors aren't looking for a three-month buy and flip. They buy when the market is low and sell when it is high. Learn how to analyze real estate numbers You have to be able to identify all of the factors that are affecting your profit. There are four major parts of real estate investing: cash flow, appreciation, loan reduction and tax benefits. You need to understand how the four factors work together to produce a rate of return. Real estate isn't simply making you a profit when it appreciates. And it isn't necessarily losing money when it depreciates. Understand economics in your area You have to look beyond the simple growth of the neighborhood you are investing in to the overall health of the city, state and country. For example, if interest rates are rising, you need to understand that borrowers are being cut out of the market. The six aspects of economics you must understand are: mortgage interest rates, affordability indices, supply and demand, demographic information, commercial real estate and the job market. It helps potential investors to take classes in both macro and micro economics. Macro will help the investor understand the large forces that impact real estate, such as recessions, national interest rates, war and demographics. Micro will look at individual sectors and focus on the local real estate market, such as local disasters, local recessions, unemployment rates, supply and demand, new housing starts, housing for sale and types of vacancies. There are so many things you have to understand before you jump into becoming a real estate investor. Yes, if you are simply buying and fixing up, then selling one particular house, you could make money or earn substantial profit. However, if you are thinking of doing this as an investment, then you have to obtain the essential education needed, or else you’d just be putting your money at stake.

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