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Bacolod City Real Estate - The Fun and Pleasure

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Bacolod City real estate does not only provide you with a great home where you can celebrate life with your family, but you are likewise given the chance to enjoy living at its best! Yes, owning a home in Bacolod City means you will be able to feel the pleasure and convenience that the city has to offer. With myriads of things to do in Bacolod, you can fill each day with activities that are suited for your family.

Fun and Entertainment in Bacolod City

Weekdays and weekends are never boring in Bacolod. As you make your way around the city, you can feel the animated spirit of people, showing off their dazzling smiles! If you want to shake off the burdens of the day’s work, then hit World of Fun (WOF) located at SM City and Robinson’s Place Bacolod.

WOF offers myriads of arcade games, video games, and simple mini games that cater to various ages. Adults and children alike converge here to laugh and have fun. The games are suited to help relieve stress from work and even stress from studies. WOF also provides mini rides for younger children. Competent staff is always around to assist customers.

If you plan to catch your favorite Hollywood star in his latest movie flick, or watch quality Filipino movies, then a short trip from your Bacolod City real estate home to the city’s quality movie theaters is ideal. There are about 16 theaters in the city, all built in excellent standards, offering pleasure for avid moviegoers.

If you’re the type to hang out with friends after a late night movie, then the series of bars and hubs in the city will be the place to go. There are classy hangout areas in the city offering a range of drinks. Live bands provide a beat that partygoers will find pleasing to the ears. In Bacolod City, you can dance, sing and party all night long.

A Reprieve in Nature

Bacolod City is likewise close to some of nature’s wonders. From the heart of the city, you can reach the famous Mambukal Mountain Resort in Brgy. Minoyan in Murcia. This is home to seven waterfalls, hot springs, swimming pools, butterfly sanctuary, boating lagoon, slides, and many more. If you feel like watching a colony of bats, you simply need to raise your eyes up and you can see them flying around the topmost portions of trees.

Whether you like to party or you would rather spend time with nature, your Bacolod City real estate home can certainly give you the pleasure. As they all say, life in Bacolod is simply awesome!

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