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Bacolaodiat Festival – Something to Look Forward to on February

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Aside from the fact that Oasis Subdivision Bacolod offers families with a great home and community, it also enables everyone to enjoy the fun and leisure that Bacolod has to offer. After the New Year’s revelry, Bacolodnons have another event to look forward to, and that is the Bacolaodiat Festival on February.

The Bacolaodiat Festival is Bacolod’s Chinese New Year Festival. The name was coined from “Bacolod” and “Laodiat,” which means “celebration” in Chinese. The festival is one of the grand celebrations in the city and is widely anticipated by all Bacolodnons. Brilliantly-colored lanterns are among the most prominent features of the event. Floats with dazzling lights greatly enhance the North Capitol Road, the main venue for the celebration, which is just near the Oasis Subdivision Bacolod City office.

And of course, any type of festivity wouldn’t be complete without food. Yes, you will find a host of delicacies that will delight the palate in the Chinese food alley. If you are constantly on the lookout for great-tasting siomai, mouth watering lumpia, sweet tikoy and other Chinese cuisines, then the North Capitol Road will be the ideal destination this coming February.

Chinese cultural dances are also among the highlights of the festival. Several groups compete to win the grand prize. They dance in such lovely and colorful costumes, representative of the vibrant and lively Chinese spirit. Since this year is the Year of the Water Snake, one can just imagine how creative and ingenious the competing groups will be.

For those who love to party, live bands are set up at the venue. You can hear the latest tunes that will set you dancing all throughout the night. Hanging out with friends and family is absolutely fun at the festival.

A breathtaking fireworks display enthralls the multitude of people that flock the area. Fireworks usually light up the sky at 9:00 pm and sometimes later than that, depending on the schedule of activities for the day. This year, the Bacolaodiat Festival would be from February 7 to 10, which will commence with the Opening of the Chopsticks Alley at the North Capitol Road, 4:30 pm, and will end with a superb fireworks display at the New Government Center on the 10th of February.

If you live in Oasis Subdivision Bacolod, it wouldn’t take you long to reach the main venue at the North Capitol Road, as well as the New Government Center, either by car or by utilizing public transportation. So make sure that you mark your calendar from February 7 to 10 and join the revelry of the Bacolaodiat Festival 2013.



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