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Simple people like us have simple dreams, and acquiring as what we call home means really something and probably the best thing that had happened to us.

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Discover Masskara Bacolod Now!

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Hey, it’s the season of smiles and festivities here in Bacolod and you may like to come and visit the city.

It’s Masskara Festival in the City of Smiles and everyone is in good spirits. There is a breath of laughter, radiance and that feeling of being overwhelmed by the way that Bacolodnons are celebrating the festival.


Tips to Make Your Home Look Fabulous!

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For homeowners, having a home that looks stunning is one thing that they are truly proud of. In fact, they go out of their way to make sure that their homes have a good curb appeal and fantastic interiors. Here are some tips that could help you make your home worthy of being included in a Lifestyle magazine.


Should You or Should You Not Invest in Bacolod City?

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If you have read the news lately, then you might have seen that Prudential Life Plan, one of the stalwarts in the pre-need plan industry has toppled down. The company is now in the liquidation process and they have thousands of planholders who are waiting to be refunded. The worse thing is that, the planholders would not get the entire amount that they are entitled to, but only a percentage thereof.


What are the Signs of a Good Developer?

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Men are fond of looking for a sign. They try to look up to the stars in everything that they do. They allow these signs to answer whether it is time for them to choose another career, whether they would move to a different locality, or whether it is already the perfect time for them to marry. This is quite normal, and if you are also fond of looking for signs, then one thing that you need to constantly be watching out for are the signs of what makes a good developer Bacolod, and these are:


Three Reasons Why You Must Choose the Real Estate Developer With Care

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Did you ever purchase something and end up regretting having done so? This may have happened to most people and this may sound harmless but if applied on a large-scale purchase, it can pretty much shake you up financially. If you purchased a pen, a purse, a pair of shoes or even a gadget and you found out later on that you did not make the right decision, then that can be shrugged off, right? However, if you purchased a house and lot for sale Bacolod, and you didn’t get to buy the property from the right real estate developer, then that could be a lesson that will be hard to forget.


Bacolod Real Estate Articles

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investing-in-real-estate-bacolod-can-help-you-make-some-money Whenever times are tough, you will notice that prices of real estate properties decline. Well, they would have to slash their prices or else nobody...

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