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What to Purchase - House and Lot or Just a Lot in Bacolod?

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Every homeowner is always confronted with the dilemma whether to buy a house and lot or just a lot that is offered for sale in Bacolod City. Whether you buy a house and lot or simply a lot, you will find out that there are advantages for both. Each of these options offers homeowners a certain set of advantages and disadvantages.


Select the Right Architect for Your Bacolod City House

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Have you already purchased that lot for sale in Oasis Subdivision Bacolod that you have been targeting? If you did, it is quite necessary that you also look for a great architect that will create the perfect home design for you. A plain lot will stay plain and lifeless unless a house is built on it. So if you plan to make your real estate property better, then building a house on it, designed by a good architect will be the ideal way to go.


Oasis Home Plus an Interior Designer = A Home You Can Be Proud Of!

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Are you now thinking of purchasing a home in Oasis Subdivision after having visited the area and realizing that it is simply the best place to live in Bacolod City? If you are, then we suggest that you make your home the best there is. As to how you will make this happen, then you can start with seeking the help of an interior designer.


Oasis Subdivision – A Gem of Negros Occidental

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Among the best places to live in Bacolod City is Oasis Subdivision. It has great features that a lot of homeowners are searching for. Once found, these homeowners feel proud at having found a very nice home for themselves. The most important part is they provide comfort and convenience to their families. It is located in Brgy. Mansilingan, which is an ideal location considering that it is only a few minutes from the main thoroughfares of the city.


Build Your Bacolod Dream House with DPRC Now!

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Dreaming of having a house and lot in Bacolod City is something that every couple or a bachelor does. Some dream from the time that they were still studying in a university. There are others who start dreaming after they have graduated from college. There is actually no fixed time as to when will start dreaming of having his own personal abode, but one thing is for sure, if you are among the dreamers out there, then better do it with Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. (DPRC) by your side.


Dynamic Properties and Realty Corp. has been engaged in Bacolod real estate development for more almost a decade now and has been constantly been one of the most sought after developers in the city. It has established itself as among those that can be trusted when it comes to building a host of properties.

For one, it proudly boasts of Oasis Subdivision, which is a prime residential community in Brgy. Mansilingan. This subdivision is a 17-hectare development, with both bungalow and two-storey homes. It consists of a clubhouse with both an adult and a kiddie swimming pool, as well as a basketball court where residents can spend their afternoons. One notable thing about this community is that it is gated and have 24/7 security guards patrolling the area. Hence, DPRC has actually provided a good deal of security for the residents of the said subdivision.

So basically, DPRC has all the qualities that one would be looking for when it comes to a good real estate developer. This is why it would be an ideal decision if you would choose DPRC as your developer.

The Ultimate Benefits

For one, you will enjoy a quality home with DPRC doing the development. One way that you can ascertain this is to visit Oasis Subdivision and determine the manner by which homes were constructed. You can truly see that the materials used were of the finest standards. The overall construction is always done with the meticulousness akin to master architects. Hence, you can be assured that your home will surely be able to stand the test of time.

So if you are starting to build your dreams at this very moment, then better build them with DPRC by your side. Nothing could be better than having a trusted and reliable developer build your dream home or provide you with a Bacolod City house and lot. This is the only way that you can be truly happy.

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